Our partnership with Easter Seals has employed over 19 adults with Autism since 2009. 

The Wine Steward was chosen to host a Celebrity Lounge Event for the 2011 Oscar nominees.  Two Easter Seals students were selected to MC the event, showcasing their product! 

The Wine Steward was created with the initial concept of providing a wine accessory that would enhance the sale of screwcap wine bottles.  Creating an original design with the function of a drip collar as well as the ability to secure a cork or screwcap to the bottle, The Wine Steward was started.  Swarovski crystals and a reversible charm were added to enhance the design and offer a variety of styles. 

Starting in a few local stores in 2008, The Wine Steward started to grow and exhibit at the Gift Show Markets.  In 2009, a partnership was created with Easter Seals Vocational Training Center in Tinley Park, IL where adult students with Autism were trained in the production of The Wine Steward. 


Our mission is to continue providing employment to Individuals with Autism and/or other Special Needs.  Additional wine accessories have been created to sustain The Wine Steward LLC. 

Special Stars at the Oscars!

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